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An investigation by the Mirror has found numerous connections between the Conservative Party and the private healthcare industry. Dominic Cummings, the former chief advisor to Boris Johnson, previously worked for … Read more

Hundreds of people have signed the petition against the sale of the Brighton General Hospital site – the plan is to protest outside Hove Town Hall and then hand in … Read more

An investigation has found that, the Institute of Economic Affairs, a secretive think tank, which has called for the NHS to be scrapped while its heads pour millions into the … Read more

An MP on the health committee said he had received a complaint from a tech company that said it had been “categorically ignored” by the NHS England director at the … Read more

A governance review into a troubled clinical commissioning group has highlighted concerns over potential conflicts of interest, a disconnect with local GPs, and estate so poor that a roof caved … Read more

The most recent examples of conflict of interest between politicians and private companies gaining contracts in the NHS is contracts issued for PPE and other goods and services during the … Read more

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