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12 worrying links between Tories and private healthcare industry

An investigation by the Mirror has found numerous connections between the Conservative Party and the private healthcare industry.

Dominic Cummings, the former chief advisor to Boris Johnson, previously worked for a healthcare firm that could benefit from a £250 million fund announced by the Government.

Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, also was in receipt of a donation from the owner of a private NHS provider that has donated around £460,000 to the Conservative Party in recent years. This owner has also now been made a Director of NHS Improvements.

Commenting on the findings, Unison boss Dave Prentis said: “Patients and staff will be shocked to learn of the cosy relationship between senior Conservatives and some of the biggest players in the UK’s private healthcare market.

“The NHS needs a government that protects it, instead of one that puts profit ahead of patient care.”

Full story on The Mirror, 2 December 2019.

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