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The wife of a Neil O’Brien, a Conservative health minister, works for a private firm that has been handed NHS contracts, it has been revealed. Neil O’Brien’s spouse is GP engagement lead … Read more

 The Mirror reports on the connections between Tory MPs, lords and even Downing Street advisers and private healthcare, showing how they have been shamelessly accepting money from private healthcare firms … Read more

Rishi Sunak has appointed Bill Morgan, a founding partner of the PR and lobbying firm Evoke Incisive Health, a private healthcare lobbyist with links to a series of controversial clients to … Read more

The Good Law Project has revealed for the first time the full list of VIP Test and Trace firms given priority treatment, following a longstanding Freedom of Information battle with … Read more

Two businessmen who together donated more than £1m to the Conservative party have been handed prominent public health jobs, igniting a new “cronyism” row. In March, Oluwole Kolade was made … Read more

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