MP’s daughter threatened to sue for VIP commission

The Good Law Project, a not-for-profit organisation, has discovered that Victoria Aitken, daughter of the disgraced former Tory Cabinet Minister, Jonathan Aitken, threatened to sue a successful VIP PPE bidder for commission after she had referred it into the VIP lane. The exchange came after the Private Secretary of former health minister, Lord Agnew, wrote to Ms Aitken promising to “get our priority team to pick it up and expedite the offer to assure it, etc.”

The threat was found within in a private LinkedIn exchange between the Managing Director of Euthenia Investments and Victoria Aitken, in which she claimed that it was her introduction to Lord Agnew – former Cabinet Office Minister, Trustee of Policy Exchange and Conservative Peer, that secured the PPE contract for Euthenia.

She went on to claim “I had it fast-tracked” and demanded commission on “all the contracts that came via my connections”. She added “My lawyer will write to you and start litigation / If you do not settle.” Lawyers acting for Ms Aitken subsequently wrote to Euthenia.

Full story from The Good Law Project, 27 February 2023

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