Profits soar at ‘VIP’ Firms Referred by Tories for PPE Deals

Byline Times reports that companies that were referred by Conservative MPs and peers to the expedited ‘VIP’ lane for personal protective equipment (PPE) contracts during the pandemic have seen their profits quadruple.

Firms processed through this high-priority route – referred by MPs, peers, officials and advisors – were 10 times more likely to be awarded a contract than companies funnelled through other procurement paths.

The Government was earlier this year forced to release the names of the 51 firms that was awarded contracts through the VIP lane, along with the names of the individuals who referred them. Twenty of these firms were referred by Conservative MPs or peers, with not a single successful VIP lane firm referred by MPs or peers belonging to other political parties. The firms referred by Conservative MPs and peers have enjoyed soaring profits, from £38 million to £156 million, during their latest relevant account periods (during which their contracts were awarded).

Full story in Byline Times, 29 November 2022

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