The Bedpan: Boris would think NHS management ‘fads’ are ‘ridiculous’ reports HSJ

In an interview with the HSJ, Lord Finkelstein said that he believes that Boris Johnson sees the NHS as a “good thing”, and does not need major reform. Finkelstein said to HSJ:

“I’ve written repeatedly about how the search for an alternative funding system [for the NHS] is a mistake…It’s already been tried and there won’t be one. We’re much better off sticking with [what we’ve got]… and I’d be relatively confident the Boris agrees with that.”

He did however comment that Boris might cut costs in administration services to put this money into the NHS frontline. However, in June Boris was heard saying that the NHS ‘needs reform’, but did not specify what this would entail. Finkelstein also added that in his 28 years as a Tory party member, he has “never had a serious conversation with anyone about the idea of privatising the health service.”

“This idea that all Tories are going off to Bupa hospitals in their Mercedes isn’t what is really going on”.

Full story in HSJ, 22 July 2019

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