The privatisation experiment

Over the last few years the NHS has been subjected to a huge experiment. It tested how competition and outsourcing could be used to plan and provide health care for NHS patients.

There is compelling evidence that many aspects of this policy have failed. After extensive criticism politicians are said to be rethinking it, but the entire legal framework and machinery for transferring services to the private sector remains in place.


  • Private Finance Initiative

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  • Selling off assets

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  • Commissioning / planning

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  • Organisations and structure

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  • Spin off companies

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  • Underfunding?

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How are it done?

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Outsourcing services

Outsource home care / community nursing / health visitors / sexual health / vaccinations

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Large privatisation projects

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future enhanced

Now what's the future? integration - new models of care>

Nuper turba hunc viseret foret vultus. Conversa turba orbem coeptis fossae liquidas. It vos his adsiduis.  Read more »

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