Covid vaccine taskforce chief Kate Bingham fails to make public investments for drug firms

The Times has reported that Kate Bingham, head of the government’s vaccine taskforce, has failed to publicly declare that she manages private investments in two companies involved in the race to develop coronavirus drugs.

Kate Bingham is a managing partner at SV Health Investors, a venture capital firm. Two months after she was appointed by Boris Johnson, she said it was the “perfect time” to launch a fund that invested in a company researching coronavirus antibody cocktails, The Times can reveal.

The Sunday Times reported last week Ms Bingham had shown government documents to US investors at a $200-a-head virtual conference. Ministers did not sign off on her appearance, although Ms Bingham said that had she received approval from officials at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

Full story in The Times, 7 November 2020

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