Capita support services remain a ‘chaotic mess’, warns GPC in new report

GP support services remain a ‘chaotic mess’ despite nearly a year passing since NHS England outsourced the services to Capita, the GPC has warned.

The GPC said that the Government has to ‘get a grip’ of the situation, which is ‘putting patient care and safety at risk’, with the warning coming as MPs are due to debate failures in Parliament tomorrow.

A snapshot survey of 281 GP practices carried out by the GPC found that problems with delivering patient notes and customer support persisted last month: almost one third (31%) said they had received incorrect patient records; more than one quarter (28%) of practices failed to receive or have records collected from them on the agreed date with Capita; over half (58%) of practices reported that new patient registrations were not processed within the required three days; and eight in ten (81%) of urgent requests for records were not actioned within three weeks.

Meanwhile, more than one fifth of practices (23%) had not received medical supplies they had ordered on the expected date, like medicines and prescription pads and just over half (51%) of practices reported that customer service support staff were unable to resolve issues within an appropriate timeframe….read more

Pulse: 7 November 2016

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