Tory minister admits authoring pamphlet pushing for privatisation of NHS hospitals

On a live radio interview, Dominic Raab was forced to admit co-authoring a pamphlet advocating increased privatisation in the NHS.

The Foreign Secretary appeared as one of five authors of the 147-page pamphlet published back in 2011. Despite this, he denies writing any section referencing opening up the health service to private providers.

The pamphlet said the “current monolith” of the NHS should be “broken up”, adding: “New non-profit and private operators should be allowed into the service, and, indeed should compete on price.”  

This comes as Labour pile on the pressure on the Conservative post-Brexit plans for the NHS under a potential trade deal with the US.

The pamphlet’s co-authors include Priti Patel and Lizz Truss, who are both cabinet Minister’s in Johnson’s administration.

Full story on The Independent, 3 December 2019.

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