The Scandal of SubCos Revealed

January HSJ article has confirmed what trade union representatives and Labour MPs have repeatedly argued: that the creation of ‘wholly owned’ sub companies by NHS Trusts (and FTs) was in almost every case, a scam.

For over 5 years the trade unions aided by campaign groups have tried to stop these subcos being set up.  Pressure led to some being stopped, to debates in parliament and to changes in the rules.  

Ironically it is NHS England, which has long been suspected of forcing trusts down this route, that is supposed to approve the legitimacy of proposals for approval – a bizarre conflict of interest.  

The other disgraceful action was to block access to information. Time and again Trusts and NHS England refused to release information about why these proposals were going ahead – and refuse to consult on anything other than how the transfers of staff would take place.  

When the real documents finally emerged, and business cases revealed, the true picture was obvious; information was suppressed to prevent examination which would have shown the schemes were deeply flawed.

Full story in The Lowdown, 26 February 2023

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