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The BBC reports that the Thornbury Nursing Services staffing agency is routinely charging up to £2,000 a shift to  provide last-minute freelance nurses to NHS hospitals. Glen Burley, chief executive … Read more

More than 70 Lincolnshire health visitors are being balloted for strike action as the long running pay dispute escalates with county council bosses trying to ‘divide and rule’ over future … Read more

Private recruitment firms have received a 40 per cent cut of a £1.8million NHS campaign budget to attract overseas nurses to Northern Ireland during an unprecedented staffing crisis. Despite the … Read more

Over 750 practices could close within the next five years because they are relying on GPs approaching retirement, the RCGP has warned. The college fears that this would have a … Read more

Labour is demanding an inquiry into the privatisation of a government-owned NHS recruitment firm that saves hospitals £70m a year. NHS Professionals helps the health service in England tackle its … Read more

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