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£1 Billion in Contracts Awarded to Conservative Donors

Byline Times and The Citizens overview of contract awards reveals that one year after the first COVID-19 lockdown almost a billion pounds in Government contracts has been awarded to 15 ... Read more

Covid contracts still unpublished despite Boris Johnson’s claim

Boris Johnson told MPs that Covid contracts were “on the record for everyone to see”, despite the fact that dozens of Covid contracts had not been published at the time. ... Read more

Tory-linked PR firm hired to provide test and trace ‘reputation management’

The Guardian has reported that a PR firm owned by Matthew Freud, who was closely associated with the Conservatives during David Cameron’s time as prime minister, was awarded a contract to provide ... Read more

New transparency row over missing £91mn PPE contract

The Metro reports that a £91million contract between the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and a Chinese PPE firm was only published a day after the Government was ... Read more

The great consultancy boom – from Covid to ICSs

Ministers and NHS management are becoming increasingly dependent on costly private sector management consultants to do the work that managers and civil servants were previously trained and expected to do ... Read more

Firm with Covid-related contract owned by Hancock’s neighbour is investigated by health regulator

Hinpack, which is owned by Alex Bourne, an acquaintance of Matt Hancock and the former landlord of his local pub, which won a contract to produce Covid test vials for the NHS is ... Read more

Matt Hancock acted unlawfully by failing to publish Covid contracts

A high court judge has ruled that the health secretary, Matt Hancock, acted unlawfully by failing to publish multibillion-pound Covid-19 government contracts within the 30-day period required by law. The judge, ... Read more

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