ZoomDoc is a private on-demand GP app which provides patients access to GPs 24/7 through paid-for face-to-face home visits, telephone and online Skype-style consultation. The company employs NHS GPs.

ZoomDoc's corporate services includes: work based clinics, health assessments, on demand visits and telephone or video calls. Telephone advice is priced from £25 per ten minutes, video advice from £35 per ten minutes and a home visit will cost from £99 for 25 minutes.


ZoomDoc's strategy is to target individuals and businesses. Businesses are encouraged to use ZoomDoc for their employees to enable employees to be treated quickly without waiting for appointments. ZoomDoc claims that this is proven to reduce sick leave and absence levels.

The company was incorporated and registered with the Care Quality Commission on 14 April 2015, with the following founding team:

  • Dr Kenny Livingstone- Founder and Ceo, Clinical Lead- registered manager/director
  • Eugene Kouumdjieff- Co-founder and Head of Product
  • Hal Livingstone. Founder and Legal Advisor
  • Matt Hagger Co-Founder and Advisor Growth Strategy USA
  • Paul Landau Non Executive Director and Strategy Consultant

ZoomDoc employs GPs that also work for the NHS. GPs can sign up to the app for free, register themselves as ‘on call’ and specify how long they want to be available for and how far they would travel for home calls. The app launched in March 2017 and has around 300 GPs on its books. By the end of 2017 there were 5,000 downloads of the app and 2,000 registered users, receiving 5-star ratings on Facebook and the Appstore.


Alongside shares held by individuals, there are also shares held by the following companies; E-Man Asset Management Ltd, Halken Properties Ltd and Seedrs Ltd.

The company have net assets of £46.19k as of April 2017 according to their company profile on Endole Suite. Their turnover is unreported and their cash in the bank is reported at £39.79k.

The company held a crowdfunding campaign on the website Seedrs and reached an investment of £540,695 as a way to further develop the app’s services and its area coverage as it so far only covers London.

According to the company's profile on Crunch Base, as of 29 January 2019 they have received £689.1k from crowdfunding and individual investors (an Angel round of investment).


ZoomDoc has had a total funding figure of £689.1k through two funding rounds, according to Crunchbase. This came from an initial £150k investment from CEO and Founder, Dr Kenny Livingstone and £539.1k from Seedrs in the form of Equity Crowdfunding.

British tennis star Andy Murray made an undisclosed investment into the company through the Seedrs crowdfunding page, along with around 275 other investors.

As of January 2018, Seedrs show that ZoomDoc investment raised now stands at £540,695, the equity offered is 19.99% and the pre-money valuation is £2,001,544.


ZoomDoc has yet to procure any major NHS contracts, but the company's aim is to bid for out-of-hours contracts from CCGs across the country.


A CQC investigation into the service, published in April 2018, found that the service ‘provided responsive, caring and well-led services in accordance with the relevant regulations. However, the service was not providing safe and effective services in some areas in accordance with the relevant regulations.’

There is a general concern with these new digital services and their use of NHS GPs; although the doctors will be paid extra, their time and energy is being taken directly from the NHS with nothing given back. In addition, GPs already work inhumanely long hours and inviting them to work through their lunch-breaks or after hours will make this worse, meaning that all patients will receive sub-par treatment if doctors work longer days. This is just a quick digital fix for the rich that overlooks the bigger picture.

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