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Nuffield Health is a registered charity that operates in the UK as a private healthcare provider. The organisation has a network of hospitals, medical clinics, health and well-being centres, and gyms around the country. A major source of income is from partnerships with employers to set up on-site gyms and health and well-being clubs. 


Nuffield Health's strategy is determined by its board of governors, who are both directors of the organisation and the trustees of the organisation. The governors delegate day to day executive authority to the group chief executive.

Nuffield Health introduced a 5 year plan in 2016, as part of this growth plan the charity began a partnership with Barts Health NHS Trust to lease the former pathology and residential staff quarters buildings. Nuffield Health will construct a new independent acute unit, specialising in Cardiology, Orthopaedics and General Surgery. In mid-2018 Nuffield Health began the renovation of the building and the plan is for it to open in 2021. The £60 million development will be the only independent hospital in the City of London, and will comprise a new acute unit specialising in cardiology, orthopaedics and general surgery. 

Nuffield Health believes that the increasing NHS waiting lists and the rationing of procedures, will lead to the continued growth of the self-pay market.



In the year to end December 2018, Nuffield Health reported that it had an income of £946 million, up 4% on 2017. NHS referrals showed an increase of 5.3% but there was lower growth from the private medical insurance market. 

The growth area in 2018 was the fitness and wellbeing clubs and an increase in the number of people that pay for their own treatments. In contrast, there was a decline in work received via private medical insurance.


Nuffield Health works with the NHS, providing a range of services to NHS patients through local initiatives to reduce waiting lists for NHS treatment, the Patient Choice programme, and contracts for services.


Over the years, Nuffield Health has not 'hit the headlines' due to problems. However, the organisation operates in an identical way to the other private hospital groups, despite being a registered charity. In May 2018, a CQC report found that two in five private hospitals are failing to meet safety standards. The private hospital sector was warned by Jeremy Hunt, the then Health Secretary, to put its house in order if it wished to partner with the NHS. Of major concern is that some private hospitals currently avoid liability by saying a clinician is not an employee if something goes wrong. In addition, a clearer process is needed for managing a patient if their health deteriorates in private care and they have to be transferred to the NHS in an emergency.

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