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Concordia Health Ltd works in primary care, with four GP practices in London under APMS contracts. Its sister company Community Outpatients runs around 40 community services through England in the area of ENT, dermatology, cardiology and endoscopy. 


Concordia targets both the primary and secondary healthcare sectors through its two active companies, however it is prioritising secondary care.

The most recent accounts on Companies House are from end of September 2016, however the company's strategy from this time seems to line up with two major NHS goals: reducing the number of patients in hospitals/A&E; and advancing the merging of health and social care. Its website in 2018 continues to push these two goals noting:

"We work closely with the 40+ CCGs that have commissioned our services to deliver significant cost-savings, ease the pressures on secondary care and considerably reduce referral to treatment times....We also support a number of hospitals nationally either as an overflow service, front-end services to alleviate waiting list pressures, or in a far more significant way coordinating and delivering a Tier 3-4 ‘hospital recovery service’. "


The parent company is Omnes Healthcare Holdings LLP (previously Concordia Health Holdings LLP,) which recorded total turnover for the 18 month period ending March 2018 as just over £31.4 million, but the company made a loss of £3.5 million.

Concordia Specialist Care Services was put into liquidation in early 2019. A report by the liquidators noted that the organisation's “physical assets and NHS contracts” have been “sold” to a “connected company”, known as Omnes Healthcare Ltd. Concordia Specialist Care Services pulled out of its contract to supply dermatology services in NE Essex in May 2019 giving five days notice. The administrators report notes that there are no assets to pay the many sole practitioners and GP surgeries, hospitals, CCGs and the NHS Business Services Authority that among the unsecured creditors owed a total of £4.3 million by the company.

Within Omnes Healthcare Holdings LLP are numerous subsidiaries: Community Outpatients Group Ltd; Community Outpatients MSK Ltd; Community Outpatients ENT Ltd; Community Outpatients Cardiology Ltd; Community Outpatients Diagnostics Ltd; Community Outpatients Dermatology Ltd; Community Outpatients Ultrasound Ltd; Concordia Community Outpatients Ltd; and Omnes Healthcare General Practice Ltd.

Concordia Health Holdings LLP changed its name to Omnes Healthcare Holdings LLP in May 2019.

Omnes Healthcare Holdings LLP is owned entirely by its directors, Toby Hurd and Adam Hurd.


The different branches of Concordia have taken on several NHS contracts in recent years. Many can be found on Concordia Outpatients website.

ENT services

In 2016 Concordia won a contract worth £3 million to provide a Community ENT, Earwax and Audiology Service in Barnet.

In 2015 Concordia won a contract worth over £7 million for the provision of a community Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) service in West Hampshire.

Oral Surgery

In 2015 Concordia was one of several winners in a £7 million AQP contract for Intermediate oral surgery throughout Wessex.

Dermatology services

In July 2017 Concordia began a contract in North East Essex for integrated dermatology services. This five year contract was reduced by the CCG to two years in October 2018 and was due to end in July 2019. In May 2019, Concordia terminated the contract and ceased providing the service with just five days notice to the CCG. The CCG told HSJ that no formal reason was given for the termination. An NHS provider had to take over the services.

In 2015 Concordia won a contract to provide a Dermatology CATS Service in Manchester.

In 2014 Concordia won a contract to provide community dermatology services in Wolverhampton.

In early May 2019, the subsidiary Concordia Specialist Care Services Ltd responsible for dermatology services was put into administration and ceased providing services.



Financial instability

The very sudden termination of the contract for dermatology in North East Essex in May 2019, led the HSJ to question whether the company was going through a difficult financial time. The company denied this was the case and put it down to "restructuring."

In late June 2019, it was revealed in the HSJ, that the reason for the termination of the NE Essex contract was indeed financial difficulties. Concordia Specialist Care Services, the subsidiary responsible for dermatology services, was put into administration owing £4.3 million to creditors, including sole practitioners, GP surgeries, CCGs, NHS Business Services Authority and hospital trusts. The assets of the subsidiary had been sold to the parent company Omnes Healthcare and Concordia Specialist Care Services was recorded as having zero assets with which to pay creditors, according to the administrators.

Care quality

The CQC issued a highly critical report on the dermatology service run by Concordia in North East Essex in October 2018. This was considered to be the reason for the reduction in contract length from five to just two years.

The report followed an inspection by the regulator of Fryatt Hospital, the base for the Concordia service, in mid 2018. The CQC report noted: “Standards of hygiene and cleanliness in a number of areas did not comply with national standards, medication was out of date, specimens were inappropriately stored in a medication fridge and Concordia staff were unaware of how to access organisational policies.”

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