My fight for safeguards in private and NHS hospitals

The story of Ian Paterson the rogue breast cancer surgeon who was allowed free reign to ruin thousands of lives over 17 years is now quite well known.  You can read the facts of what he did to us in the Bishop’s Inquiry into Ian Paterson:, but the actual horror of discovering that an operation that you only submitted to because Paterson told you it would save your life is something that does not come across with full impact no matter how many times it is told.

At the NHS Heart of England Trust Paterson operated on more than 1300 breast cancer patients, treating them – without their consent – to his own special Cleavage Sparing Mastectomy procedure, sadly as it had no grounding in medical science and defied the recommended mastectomy method of clearing all breast tissue in the affected area, it has to date caused the unnecessary death of 709 of the recipients.

Full story in The Lowdown, 21 July 2020

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