Labour promises to remove all traces of privatisation from the NHS

John McDonnell has warned the public that Donald Trump’s assertion that the NHS would not be on the table in post-Brexit trade talks is not to be trusted. He also committed the party to removing all traces of privatisation from the NHS. 

This follows the Channel 4 Dispatches programme that claimed UK civil servants had met with US pharmaceutical companies on “9 or 11 occasions” and were “negotiating to sell the NHS”. This is despite Government claims that they have no intention of selling the health service.  

Asked to comment on Trump’s assertions, McDonnell said: “Donald Trump has … on this particular issue, made a number of contradictory statements. 

“We have to go on the evidence. The evidence, the civil servants, on nine or 11 occasions sitting down negotiating to sell our NHS.” 

Full story on The Guardian, 3 November 2019. 

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